Posted by: houwr | 04/13/2012

Can You Survive the Arena? At the Nola Brantley Memorial Library

On March 27th, we held our own Hunger Games arena at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library… and found out who has what it takes to survive!

 Our “arena” was composed of various stops and challenges that required teamwork and wit, but first we had to determine the participants. This, of course, required a reaping ceremony.  Each teen participant placed their names in a bowl, and Ms. Judith pulled them all out until everyone had been assigned to 1 of the 4 districts.  After the designations, each team was given a sponsor who could guide them through their challenges and provide helps if necessary.  After the technicalities were completed, the games began.

Earning "Cinna Buns" at the reference desk

Each district team was handed a set of clues that led them to their challenges and gave them hints for successful completion.  I was district 3’s sponsor, and our first challenge was to form an alliance at the reference desk and receive food in return.  To complete the task successfully, the team had to answer questions about The Hunger Games asked my Ms. Ann the reference librarian. If they answered correctly, Ms. Ann would give the team a “Cinna Bun” to reward them for their hard work.  If you remember, Cinna was the stylist in the movie (and book) who became close friends with Katniss.  Anyway, you’ll remember Lenny Kravitz in the movie, right? That’s him! At any rate, my team enjoyed a Cinna Bun and moved on to their next task.

Finding the hidden objects

One of our clues required the teams to work together heavily – they had to find the camouflaged items in the picture.  You may recall that Peeta’s character was the son of a baker (Josh Hutcherson, anyone?).  He was very clever at disguising himself to look identical to his surroundings, which made it difficult for Katniss to find him when she went searching.  This activity played off of Peeta’s unique talent and, like Katniss, my district was successful at finding what was hidden.

Another fun challenge was to find “water” without stepping on a “landmine.”  This challenge consisted of blue solo cups that each included an envelope with either a landmine card or a water card inside.  The district team did not know which they were choosing until they opened the envelope –a 50/50 shot!  If they received a landmine card, they were required to detour to a random activity (e.g. hitting a paper target with stretchy frogs) that delayed their progress to their next challenge.  In the end, we had 1 district winner, all of whom received Hunger Games t-shirts for their success!

Overall, this was a fun program and all our teens had a great time.  If you missed out, don’t worry! We have teen programs every month here at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library, so keep checking back with us and visiting our website here for program updates!



  1. I loved the Cinna Buns. They tasted amazing.

  2. It sounds like the blogger is a little bias towards her team (hmmmmm). I was not a sponser, but had I been my team would have prevailed. A fun time had by all.

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