Posted by: houwr | 03/27/2012

Now Introducing…

We would like to introduce you to the latest and greatest member of our team here at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library! *Drum roll please*

Ms. Ann Williams!

She is our Reference Librarian, and is your destination for all things information.  She began her tenure with us just 8 weeks ago, but has already proven extremely valuable to both our public library patrons and the Macon State College students. I had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with her and it went something like this:

Q:What made you decide to become a reference librarian?
A: It was mostly my desire to help people that led me to this type of work.  Also, I just LOVE books, especially Sci Fi, historical fiction, and any cookbook! Information retrieval is really my passion. I’ve always been that person everyone went to for information, even before I began library school – I guess I’ve just gained that reputation.

Q: So, what exactly do you do all day?
A: Believe it or not, I get a bunch of simple inquiries, like requests for local business phone numbers and such.  It may sound trivial, but that’s valuable information for our patrons who may not have internet access or just can’t find their phone books.  Also, I typically service many high school and middle school students who need information for school projects. I work extensively with class research of this kind.

Q: What kind of resources do you like to use? Is there any specific one that you would consider your favorite?
A: Well, it kind of depends on the inquiry.  For our public library patrons, I like to use the PINES and our Evergreen system so that I can put a physical work in their hands.  I tend to use GALILEO for academic purposes because of the extensive number of databases included there.  I also think the National Archives Online is very interesting, especially for any type of genealogy research.  Probably my favorite resource to use is the Internet Public Library (IPL2) website.  It has fantastic subdivisions for those who don’t know exactly what they are looking for, such as online dictionaries.  It’s also great for kids and teen science projects.  It’s tailored for age groups, which helps you find what’s the most appropriate for your information need.

Q: When are you the most available to assist with research?
A: Come by, call, or visit most any [weekday] afternoon and you’ll catch me! I’m also available for online chat for Macon State College students. While many MSC librarians from the main campus in Macon will answer chat requests, any inquiry that is specifically related to this library’s MSC collection will be routed to me.  Really, I have shared duties – I’m here for our Nola Brantley patrons as well as our MSC students and faculty.

Welcome to our team, Ann!

If you have a research question, feel free to contact us at (478)923-0128 and speak with Ann today!


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