Posted by: HOUCV | 03/21/2012

Young Adult Georgia Authors

What does James Dashner, Lynn Cullen, Walter Sorrells and Jodi Lynn Anderson all have in common?  They are all Georgia authors who write Young Adult books.

James Dashner was born in Austell, Cobb County, Ga.  He is the author of children’s and young adult’s fantasy series and adult books, including The 13th Reality series and the Jimmy Fincher Saga and Infinity Ring.  In his series “The Maze Runner”, a boy, Tom, wakes up to find himself in a box. When he reaches the top, he is pulled out by a group of boys. The only thing he remembers is his first name, nothing else. Thomas learns that all these boys live in a place called The Glade. The Glade is surrounded by tall, stone walls with four massive openings. These openings close each night to protect them from the monsters that live in the giant maze beyond the Glade’s walls. These monsters are called Grievers and attempt to sting the Gladers with their needles. The walls to the maze move every night so there is a different maze outside each door every day.

Lynn Cullen is an avid traveler and self-taught historian, she grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she spent much of her childhood combing the public library for biographies and roaming the riverbank near where the legendary pioneer, Johnny Appleseed, planted a grove of apple trees. She now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Michael, and three daughters, and is intrigued that artifacts from the Civil War have been unearthed in her backyard.  Lynn has written about 15 different books from Children’s picture books to Adult Romance and of course Young Adult books. One of her most recognized books is “I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter”.

Walter Sorrells was born in Nashville, Tennessee and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia (so we get to lay claim to him as ours).  His books for young adults include the novels “Fake ID” , “Club Dread” , “Hunted: Whiteout”  and “First Shot” . He also has written several series for young adult readers including the Pendragon series: “Pendragon Before the War,” “Book Two of the Travelers” and “Book Three of the Travelers,”

Jodi Lynn Anderson lived for a time in Georgia and is the author of several books for children and young adults.  She was born and grew up in New Jersey and now makes her home in Washington, DC. But for a brief time in her life she lived in Georgia (again we are laying claim to her.)”Peaches” is the delightful story of three teenaged girls from very different backgrounds thrown together one summer in a Georgia orchard, all in search of the right boy, the truest friend and the perfect peach.  Who wouldn’t want to read a book about Georgia’s sweet peaches. I know I want to read this series now.

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