Posted by: HouPE | 03/20/2012

Found on the Shelf @ Perry Library

 We found the classroom edition of Donald in Mathmagic Land VHS on our shelves here at Perry Library.  This 26 minute animated feature allows children to follow Donald as he learns appreciation for measurements, calculations and other math skills. In ancient Greece, Donald meets Pythagoras who gives him a tour of math’s use in scientific inventions of all kinds.

The coolest part of this edition, aside from Donald of course, is the vast amount of resources available on the web free of charge. There are activities, lesson plans, and printables! If you are really gung-ho about mathematics or you are just trying to fulfill Grades 3 – 5 math standards, check out this pdf file for K12 teachers courtesy of Keystone Area Education Agency.

In addition to Donald, Perry Library has numerous books, VHS and DVDs designed to help parents and children understand and succeed in mathematics. With CRCT on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to stop in!

ou can find Donald in his Mathmagic Land under call number VID J513 DON.


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