Posted by: houwr | 01/31/2012

Get Ready for February 5th!

Does anyone recognize that date? Yes, that’s right – it’s almost Super Bowl 46 time, and we want you to be ready! Here at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library, we have some works that will help you get into the football spirit.  First off is a recent addition to our collection, a great book that will catch you up on the best football players of all time:

The NFL’s Top 100 book is a fully illustrated work that gives the career accomplishments and stats for many popular players in professional football, including Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  It’s also a great history book since it incorporates interesting details about famous players of the past, such as Lance Alworth, Forrest Gregg and many others.  If your like me, however, there is another aspect of Super Bowl Sunday that is even more near and dear to the heart…

FOOD! And we are all familiar with the typical, year-to-year Super Bowl menu (oh, the infamous hot wings). I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to branch out! Barefoot Contessa takes party foods to a whole new level by offering some unique alternatives to the mundane chips and dip, party mix, and chicken fingers.  One recipe in her Parties! book is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday – Lobster rolls.  This recipe calls for tasty ingredients such as  fresh lobster meat, capers, minced dill, and celery all stuffed into warm hot dog buns. Now that’s  what I call some good party food! I’ll be eating my fill until half-way through the game…

Then I’ll be watching Madonna! Of course, we all know by now that the Material Girl will be offering up a potentially unforgettable half-time show next Sunday…but what do you really know about the singer? Life With My Sister Madonna is a powerful memoir written by her brother Christopher Coccone.  Through most of Madonna’s career, Christopher played an important role in her life as her backup dancer, personal assistant, dresser, decorator, and her art and tour director. Who better to learn about the singer but from the person who knows her best?

Well folks, we hope this helps you plan for your big Super Bowl event! Don’t forget to come check out these books to learn everything you need to know beforehand about one of the biggest games of the year. Of course, you can always visit to catch up on all things professional football.

The NFL’s Top 100 can be found under Dewey number 796.332 BUC

Parties! can be found under Dewey number 642.4 GAR

Life With My Sister Madonna can be found under Dewey number B MAD

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