Posted by: HouPE | 01/19/2012

You need a bookbag!

How long is the list of books that you would like to read? Is it as long as your leg? Yep, mine too. In the past I have put books on hold as soon as I heard of a good one. Then I’d have 4 or 5 all show up at the exact same time, often many of them would be 7 day books. Frustrating! Or I’d write them on little lists to either leave in my library bag or “in a place I won’t forget”. That would work for a while, but then I’d lose the list and all of the titles of the books I just had to read. Again frustrating!

Then I discovered my book bag within my PINES account. It’s an awesome tool to not only keep track of books that I really wanted to read someday but not all of them this week. Have you tried this yet? First, sign into your PINES account here or from our homepage tab find a book Select the bookbag tab along the top of your account.

Enter a name for your new book bag and click submit.  I named my first one ‘my to read list’ but I realize now I am being too short-sighted. Really, I have found an organizing tool for all of my literary endeavors! One book bag will not be enough. I need a book bag for each of my children, one for fiction, another for nonfiction, a more specific one for cookbooks or maybe biographies. Even better, homeschoolers and teachers, imagine being able to select your supplemental materials and “bag” them by topic for later.  Working on Ancient Egypt this month, Ancient Greece next month and the Romans the following month? Why not set up a folder for each and sort the resources as you find them?

Placing an item in your book bag creates a virtual bookmark to the item within the catalog. When you are ready to activate a hold on one of your books, it is very easy. Just click on the book bag to see the contents, click the appropriate title and continue with placing your hold just as usual. Ta Da! No more little slips of paper. No more trying to burn through an arm load in 7 days. Just your books waiting for you to say ‘when’.


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