Posted by: HouPE | 01/09/2012

Found on the Shelf at Perry Library

 Follow the adventures of Bulu a Jack Russell terrier in Zambia. He’s a lucky little dog that found a home with Anna and Steve, two former police officers from England. Bulu, along with Anna and Steve, leads a remarkable and daring life in the African Bush. He finds adventure and thrilling encounters as he helps restore hurt and orphaned animals.

Are you ready for the most thrilling part? It’s all TRUE! Bulu really is a little dog living and working in Africa. Anna and Steve really are working in Africa on their nature preserve. The tale is written for the young at heart and completely child appropriate.

“I loved reading about all of the adventures of Bulu. He is a really brave dog. Some parts were a little scary. The little dog taking on a lion made me nervous. But it was all ok in the end,” states one 9-year-old reviewer.

With all of the adventure series so popular with the younger set these days, it’s fun to have a selection to highlight some of the adventure and good works available in real life. Kids think they are following a brave little dog, which they are. But they are also learning lessons about life choices, compassion and caring for those around us. And let us not forget the lesson of what life can be like in the African bush!!


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