Posted by: houwr | 01/06/2012

Found on the Shelf at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library

If you love your furry four-legged friends, you may want to pay us a visit to check out this gem!  Whether you consider them family members or stress relievers, cats can mean a great deal to their owner.  Seeing my cat is one of the best parts about coming home from a long day at work, but there are several little-known ways to give some comfort back to them.  The following book is proof that humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good massage:

According to’s description, a skillfully administered massage provides sublime relaxation and the feeling of intense well-being–for your cat! Cat Massage is recognized by veterinarians as an essential form of pet care, providing:
1. Relaxation to tense, overworked muscles
2. Improved strength coordination and circulation
3. Flexibility to stiff joints
4. Ease and cooperation in grooming and when visiting the vet
5. A trusting, loving bond between you and your cat

But, most important, it just feels good! Cat Massage gives you all the skills you need, including:

  • The 6 Basic Massage Strokes: Gliding, Waving, Circling, Kneading Flicking, and Rubbing
  • 50 Massage Techniques from Whiskers to Tail
  • Advice for Pregnant Cats, Elderly Cats, Injured Cats, and Kittens
  • Advanced Techniques and “White Glove Treatments”
  • How to “Voice Massage,” and much more!

Long live your cat!

Cat Massage can be found under Dewey number 636.8 BAL. Contact your local library branch to check for availability of this book.


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