Posted by: HouPL | 12/15/2011

Do We Accept Donations? Yes, Let Us Count the Ways! Part 3 Honor Books

Depending on how you look at it, book lovers are either easy to buy for or you struggle finding the perfect gift for them.  Of course you could always give them books (FYI: we never tire of receiving new books), but maybe you’re looking for something different to give the book lovers in your life.

Consider giving them an Honor Book in the Houston County Public Library System. The Honor Book program is a donation method that offers a wonderful way to honor the people you love.  Books can be purchased in honor of or in memory of any person. Not convinced yet that this is a great gift, let me share some of the wonderful ways this program has been used.

Donations helped purchase this children's books. Imagine your child's or grandchild's name being inside of one as a gift.

Many of our patrons are in the business of raising readers and bring their children in for books, storytimes, programs and more. One mom decided that in addition to gifts under the Christmas tree this year that she would give her children books in their Honor at the Perry Public Library. Now, her little ones have a gift that will last for years and that goes well with the love of reading that she has shared with  and given to them. Do have children’s books that hold a special meaning for you and your little ones? Think you young reader would get a kick out of having their same attached to their favorite book? Then consider purchases an Honor Book for them this Christmas. If Christmas is too soon, Honor Books also make great birthday presents for readers of all ages.


Recently at the Perry Library, a staff member shared with me the heartwarming children’s book “Let Me old You Longer” by Karen Kingsbury. She also warned me to be prepared for watery eyes as Kingsbury encourages readers to embrace and cherish the last time their children do those precious and memorable milestones of life as they slip by quickly. The story is precious. And, yes, I did get misty-eyed. If more precious was the discovery of the bookplate in the front of the book stating that the book was donated by “Leonard and Hatsie Kinsley in Honor of Our Children and Grand Children.” What an awesome gift!

Books purchased in Memory of a member of the Muses Book Club.

Sometimes, books are used to commemorate those who are no longer with us. Recently, one of the local book clubs lost one of their members. A representative came in and presented a check and Honor Book Form for us to purchase books in the member’s memory. The deceased member was a spiritual person and we were able to purchase two lovely prayer books in her memory.


And there are yet other ways to honor people with books. Imagine purchases a book of historic love letters in honor of your spouse for an anniversary gift. Or a motivational book donated in honor of a recent high school or college graduate. Or a baby book or book on parenthood purchased to celebrate a new mom or dad. The possibilities are endless.

When making an Honor Book donation, fill out the form found here on our website and return it and payment to your local branch. When purchases are made, notification is sent out to the donor and to the Honor Book recipient or family of a Memory Book recipient. For more information about Honor Books in the Houston County Public Library System, contact your local branch:

Centerville Public Library at 953-4500

Nola Brantley Memorial Library at 923-0128

Perry Public Library at 987-3050


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