Posted by: HouPL | 12/14/2011

Do We Accept Donations? Yes, Let Us Count the Ways – Part 2

We love books here at the Houston County Public Library System and we make good use of the used books that are donated to us throughout the year. However, we also graciously accept monetary donations as well.

Here in part two of our Donation Series, we will discuss giving monetary donations and highlight a few local organizations that make this type of donation annually.

Adult Materials Purchased with FOL Funds

Any organization or civic group can donate to the Houston County Public Library System or Branch of their choice. One of our major donors is the Houston County Friends of the Library (FOL). This organization takes the proceeds from their Annual Old Book Sale (remember those donated used book in part one of the series) and donates back to the Library System. The 2011 Old Book Sale produced a donation of $46,020 that was divided equally between the three branches. Now as we make purchased with the FOL funds, a book-plate is placed inside each item signifying that it was donated by the Houston County Friends of the Library.

Audiobooks Purchased with donation from Balvaunuca Club. Just a small portion of all that was added to the collection.

In Perry, the Library is very fortunate to receive annual donations from two wonderful civic organizations. The Balvaunuca Club and Mahala Club both make monetary donations in the form of a check to the Perry Public Library, including us among the fortunate organizations to benefit from their generosity. The Akikta Club is another group that generously donates to the Library regularly. Just like FOL, all of the materials purchased with Balvaunuca, Mahala and Akikta donations will have book-plates placed inside of them in recognition of these organizations.


Some informative books for kids about managing money purchased with Mahala Club funds.

Although these organizations are civic in manner, Houston County Public Library System also accepts monetary donations from corporate organizations as well. Are you a member of an organization, company or civic club and would like to give to your community in a lasting way? Contact your local branch today and arrange making a donation.

Thank you Friend of the Library, Balvaunuca Club, Akikta Club, Mahala Club and all of the other wonderful organizations that donate to library. In our next installment, we will explore Houston County Public Library System Honor Books.


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