Posted by: HouPE | 12/12/2011

Library Top Ten Questions

Q: What do I need to get a library card?

A: A photo ID and proof of current physical address is all that is needed to obtain a library card. If your driver’s license has your current address on it, you are all set. If not, then bring along another item with your address such as: a piece of mail, utility bill, printed check, or lease agreement. A post office box is not a physical address and cannot satisfy the PINES requirement of proof of residency.


Q: Can I check out books without a library card?

A: A library card is necessary for all transactions. If you’ve lost your library card, we will gladly issue you a replacement for a $2 fee. If you’ve just forgotten your card, we can hold your books behind the desk for you to retrieve once you’ve obtained your card.

Q: How can I renew my books?

A: You can renew your books through your online account, bringing in your card or over the phone. To access your account visit and sign into your account using your library card number and pin. Show your card at any PINES participating library or call your local library with your library card number. You can renew your books up to two times. How DVD movies cannot be renewed.

 Q: What can I do if you don’t have the book I’m looking for?

A: If we can locate your desired book in another PINES library in the state, we are happy to place a hold on it and bring in the book through our PINES courier. This service is free of charge. We will give you a call  or email when your item arrives. You can also place a hold yourself by accessing your account at while searching the PINES catalog

 Q: Can someone else pick up my hold?

A: Yes, anyone providing your library card can pick up your hold. A hold can only be checked out on the card with which it was reserved. Some patrons have found it convenient to give their wallet library card to their spouse and keep the keychain one for themselves. This allows spouses to pick up one another’s holds without preplanning.

 Q: Can I replace a library book I’ve lost with the same book that I’ve purchased myself?

A: Unfortunately we can not accept replacement books for lost items. The library can provide you with the replacement cost which will include a $5 processing fee. Lost or damaged materials must be paid for by cash or check. Save your receipt! If your lost item should reappear within 6 months, you can return it with the receipt for a refund of the item price.

Q: Do you fax?

A: No. The Houston County Public Library system does not maintain public faxing at the branches. Each library can recommend local faxing services.

Q: Do you have computers for me to go online?

A: Each branch library has public access computers dedicated to patron use. These computers are equipped with Microsoft Office and internet access.

 Q: How can I get on a computer?

A: Input your library card number at the computer check-in station. Your library card number is under the barcode on your library card. The computer will assign you a station. Proceed to that station and input your library card number again.

 Q: Do you offer computer classes?

A: Periodically Houston County Public Libraries join with local organizations to offer computer classes. The most consistent schedule at this time is offered by Houston County Schools. Register for classes by contacting Susan Ponegalek in the Teaching and Learning Department at 478-218-7523 extension 10523. The next opportunities are in January at Houston County High School.


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