Posted by: HouPL | 12/08/2011

Do We Accept Donations? Yes, Let Us Count the Ways.

One of the questions we are asked often is “Do you accept donations?” The simple answer to this question is a great big yes. However, the different ways that are available for one to donate to the Houston County Public Library system may surprise you.

This entry is the first in a blog series about donating to your Houston County Public Library System. Throughout the series, which will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will learn about the many wonderful ways of supporting your local library through donations.

First up…book donations, featuring Friends of the Library.

The Houston County Public Library System graciously accepts donations of gently used books all year round. Sometimes, donated books are added to the library collection based on the collection development policy and patron needs. For example, The Help by Kathryn Stockett has had such a long HOLDS list for over a year.  When a patron donated a practically brand new copy of the best seller, we were able to add it to the collection and get patrons cycled through the Holds List a little faster.  These types of used book donations are great at helping us better serve patrons when there is a high demand.

Friends of the Library Donation Bins at the Perry Public Library

However, most times, used book donations are given to the Houston County Friends of the Library (FOL). To donate your gently used books, you can drop them in any of the colored Friends of the Library donation bins located at all three branches. Small donations can also be brought inside to the circulation desk at your local branch. If you have more than you carry in, please call the library before coming so that we can make the best arrangements possible to receive your donations.

Donated books and materials given to the Friends of the Library are used in FOL library lobby sales and the Annual Old Book Sale, which takes place at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. Proceeds from this awesome event are donated back to the Library System and split equally between the three branches.

It’s a monumental donation that is used to bring wonderful materials and resources to the patrons of Houston County…and will be featured more in the next installment. Be on the look out on Tuesday as we highlight monetary donations, featuring the Friends of the Library, Balvaunuca Club and Mahala Club.

For more information, or for those “too much to carry” donations, contact your local branch: Centerville Public Library at 478.953.4500; Nola Brantley Memorial Library at 478.923.0128 and Perry Public Library at 478.987.3050.



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