Posted by: HouPE | 11/28/2011

Let’s Get Graphic

The term graphic novel typically causes eyebrows to raise. When in the hands of teens, parents may become quite concerned. What exactly is your young adult bringing home from the library?

Well you can lower your eyebrows and raise your expectations! Graphic novels are a craze sweeping the young adult and even juvenile literary world. They are artistic representations of stories. This brings to mind a

from past comic book days. This can be accurate for some of the graphic titles such as ZatchBell ~

For his 14th birthday, Kiyo received a strange little boy named Zatch Bell as a bizarre gift from his father. Kiyo soon discovers that there’s more to Zatch than his dad ever realized – Zatch is a mamodo child with magic powers that are unleashed by reading spells from a mysterious red book… and there are 99 other kids like Zatch who must fight one another to become the king of the mamodo world! ~from book jacket.

But these sturdy bound, extremely well illustrated books aren’t limited to your standard action packed comic book storylines. Popular fiction such as the Twilight series has been converted to graphic novels. Historical fiction such as the Road to Revolution offers an intertwined tale of fact and fiction to increase interest and understanding history.

The Diary of Anne Frank and the The Lindbergh Child are both nonfiction graphic novels available with many more within the Houston County Public Library System.

Graphic novels are a powerful tool for increasing literacy levels amongst struggling or disinterested readers. Graphic novels can be used for helping developing readers understand writing concepts and grammar while easing frustration levels. These novels can also be used as a bridge to help developing readers gain understanding of historical or significant events.

Learn more about the merits and uses of graphic novels within education from the National Council of Teachers of English

Teens can work on their own graphic novels by attending the Perry Public Library’s Graphic Novel Night on Tuesday, November 29th at 6pm.



  1. I have always been fascinated (and saddened) by the Diary of Anne Frank. We were able to visit the house were they hid while stationed in Holland several years ago…the space was so small!

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