Posted by: HouPE | 11/23/2011

Squeaky Clean Fun at Perry Library

Do you know how the ashes from the winter fires contributed to keeping families clean all year round? What would an egg have to do with soapmaking? Or what on earth could processed cheese food would have in common with beauty bars?

These were all topics covered in Perry library’s adult soapmaking workshop. Patrons spent a fun and interactive 90 minutes learning to go back to basics with saponification.

Chocolate soap was on the menu and as promised the recipe is as follows:

Lye solution:

Approximately 16 – 23 fluid oz water

Between 8.35 and 8.63 oz Lye (NaOH)


Cocoa Butter 8 oz

Coconut Oil 12 oz

Olive Oil 28 oz

Palm Oil 14 oz

1/4 c cocoa powder

2 ml chocolate fragrance oil

Please follow the procedure and safety guidelines as described in the workshop.

In addition to all of the inspiration that each attendee received, those who had pre-registered for the workshop also left with their very own bar of handmade oatmeal cinnamon soap. As you put the skills you learned to work in creating your own soap, please share your experience with us!

If you missed this program, never fear, there are more fun and informative adult programs coming to your local Houston County Public Library branch.


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