Posted by: HouPE | 11/14/2011

Up for a challenge? Try the top 100.


Are you looking for something different to read? constantly asking yourself, “What should I read next?” Try working your way through one of the following book lists:

Top 100 International Books

The international books help to expose readers to a global perspective all while entertaining. These books were nominated and selected by authors from around the world.

Top 100 English Language Novels

English language lists typically contain a mix of the literary classics and newer thought-provoking titles.

Georgia Peach Award for Young Adults

The Georgia Peach awards are designated well read and highly rated books amongst teens within Georgia.  The Georgia Peach Award highlights and promote the best current young adult literature for Georgia high school age students and encourage young adults to read. Teens vote for their favorite books out of the year’s top 20 nominees at their high schools, local public libraries and online

Top 100 Children’s Picture Books

A wonderful assortment of old and new classics to enjoy.

Books lists help to expand your literary horizons. The variety of content creates a well-rounded and well read reader.  One library staffer is currently working her way through the Top 100 International List provided above. She states the titles and authors that she would have ordinarily overlooked. However, each title has been thought-provoking, entertaining and certainly worthy of reading. Work through the lists as a self challenge, with a friend or children. It will be time well spent!


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