Posted by: HOUCV | 10/07/2011

Georgia Download Destination

Do you love to read, but have difficulty finding time to curl up with a good book? Love books, but running out of shelf space in your personal library? The Houston County Public Library has a great alternative for you: audiobooks and ebooks through Georgia Download Destination!

Georgia Download Destination offers you the ability to download audiobooks and ebooks to your own devices.  These compatible devices include  iPods, iPhones, Androids, NOOKs, Kindles and many more.  Even if you do not have an iPod, mp3 player or eReader, no worries. Audiobooks and ebooks can be downloaded to your computer or laptop with compatible devices. To learn more about the different compatible devices click here and here. You will need a Houston County Public Library card to access and use this online collection on Georgia Download Destination.  You can check out a wide variety of books from children’s fiction to adult fiction and non fiction to young adult.

For more help understanding how to access audiobooks and ebooks through Georgia Download Destination, watch the following two youtube videos created by the Statesboro Library: 

Downloading an audiobook

Downloading an ebook

For additional help using Georgia Download Destination, contact you local library branch.



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