Posted by: HouPL | 09/27/2011

Houston County Public Libraries Observe Banned Books Week

Banned Books Display at Nola Brantley

Every patron has the freedom to read and the Houston County Public Library System is Celebrating this freedom all week long. In recognition of Banned Book Week, all three branches in the system are housing displays of controversial works and frequently banned books by well-known authors.

Banned Books week is an annually recognized event that celebrates the right to read controversial material and emphasizes the First Amendment.  It highlights the importance of continuing to freely and openly obtain unorthodox works by those who choose to read them.

Banned Books Display at Centerville

All books that are showcased during Banned Books Week have been either banned or heavily challenged due to unpopular content.  Fortunately, most challenged works have been placed back in public, academic, or school libraries because of the awareness raised by Banned Books Week.  Librarians, school teachers, and other types of educators are also responsible for keeping the works freely available by stressing the importance of the First Amendment and a person’s right to read all types of material.

Banned Books Week is September 24-October 1, 2011.  Please contact your local Houston County Library for more information.  


Banned Books Display at Perry




  1. This website extremely appealing..kudos to the Houston County Library system, I look forward to the updates and spotlights

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