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Get Ready for the Summer Reading Program

The joy of summer reading is about to descend!

We’re preparing for all of the prizes, all of the stories, all of the…experiments!

That’s right; the theme for this year’s extravaganza is SCIENCE!

Summer Reading Program will start registration May 27th, the day after school gets out.  Prizes are awarded every time your child or teen brings in his/her sheet noting that more books have been read.  The more you read and the more times you come to the library, the more prizes you will earn!

Prizes are awarded for all age groups:

  • Ages 0-8 will be awarded after each 1st, 10th, 25th, and 50th book.  And don’t forget books read during story time count toward your child’s total number of books.
  • Tweens (ages 9-12) will receive special prizes after each 1st, 3rd, 9th, and 15th books.
  • Teens (ages 13-17) will receive prizes after every 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 10th book.

In addition to the prizes awarded, there will be lots of special programs. Our youngest children will enjoy story times and coloring. Our 5-8 year olds will have crafts and experiment sessions. The tweens will enjoy making slime and other related science activities. The teens will compete in Catching Fire survival challenges (held at Nola Brantley in Warner Robins) and participate in Dr. Atom’s robotics laboratory. Everyone is invited to experience Dr. J. presenting his Think Big program of experiments about the world around us. Each library is different so make sure to check the forthcoming calendars to discover what each individual branch offers.

You won’t want to miss it!

See you this summer at the library.

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Dino Derby 2014


It’s here!!! Nola Brantley Memorial Library renovations are COMPLETE!!  You may remember reading many of our previous blogs documenting our move and the progress made from week to week. Now, it is my great pleasure to present to you several photos of the finished product. Click the photos to see the larger image.


Of course, pictures cannot justify the magnitude of how beautiful the library truly is now that it is complete. We have new paint, new walls, new furniture, more square footage…. you name it, it’s probably new!! We also have great new facilities for our community, such as a meeting room, a teen reading area, a local history room, and lots and lots of space. We are so excited and hope that you can come by and see it soon!

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Do you have Grinchmas?

Well, Christmas is almost here! It’s time for impatient shoppers, lines of cars in your way, and sale ads everywhere. The radio stations are playing Christmas music incessantly, kids are out of school, and to top it all off, your workplace is having a party that you must attend……

This time of year can be so frustrating if you aren’t in the Christmas or holiday mood. Your inner Grinch is just waiting to be let out!

So to help with this, your local library has just the fix for you! Come and check out some of your favorite authors or books to get away from the hustle and bustle. All Houston County Libraries are ordering new books for your enjoyment. Come and visit us to see what exciting new books we have placed on the shelves!

Christmas books

And if you are struggling to achieve that Christmas spirit, we have many new books that will get you in the proper holiday mood! Books such as “A Christmas Hope” by Anne Perry, or my personal favorite, “Duck the Halls: a Robertson Family Christmas” are great reads. But whatever your tastes or preferences, stop by your library and see what books we have in.

Don’t let the Grinch ruin your Christmas. Outsmart him and make the holidays a joyful one!


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The Perry renovations are coming

…..And we can’t wait!!!

The Nola Brantley Memorial Library has re-opened! (There will be a blog on this later.) With this wonderful milestone out of the way, the Houston County Library System will now shift its attention to the upcoming renovations to the Perry Public Library. Thanks to efforts of the Perry citizens (and the MVP group in particular) and our local legislatures, the Perry Library has been approved to be renovated and will begin in the spring of 2014. Wahoo!

Having seen the vast improvements the Nola Brantley Memorial Library underwent, we in Perry are getting extremely excited and are waiting impatiently for our day to arrive. From the days the library in Perry was established back in 1939, it has undergone many moves and expansions, from residing in the basement of the Houston County Courthouse…..

The Perry Public Library in the basement of the Courthouse.

The Perry Public Library in the basement of the Courthouse.

to moving into the current  location and expanding in 1981. We cannot wait to begin on this project. In fact, the Perry staff has already begun getting ready for this event by starting to weed the book collection.

But as Perry’s renovation time draws near, to help us manage the wait, we would love to hear our patron’s recollections of the Perry Public Library – no matter what building it resided in or year it was. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog!

The Perry Public Library at its current location.

The Perry Public Library at its current location.

Anyone in this picture you know? Can you guess?

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Brand new & Ready for You!

Here at the Centerville Public library, we have started to acquire some things in our children’s area that you may not have seen very much of in the past. We have ordered hundreds, and they are coming in little by little…and immediately checked out by eager kids who just can’t wait to get their hands on them! What might this be, you may ask?

Brand new books!

New Fiction & Nonfiction Books at Centerville Library

New Juvenile Fiction & Nonfiction Books at Centerville Library

12852262We are so excited about these new additions to our children’s library, and have selected them especially with our patrons in mind. In fact, many of them are specific requests from YOU! These include all the Dork Diaries books, the entire Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton collection, and the rest of the Warriors books to finish out our Erin Hunter collection. We have also added some other junior fiction works that we believe will be new favorites for our readers. An example of this is books 1 and 2 of the Confectionately Yours series. It all starts with Save the Cupcakes!, where we meet Hayley who has a far-from-perfect world. Her parents have divorced, her mom has lost her job, and she and her sister are unfortunately sharing a bedroom in her grandmother’s tiny apartment. Fortunately for Hayley, she has a real talent when it comes to baking cupcakes – and cupcakes always make life just a little sweeter! But when she and BFF Artie start drifting apart, she realizes that it’s going to take more than sugar and spice to make things nice. Sound interesting to you? Drop in and check it out, or put it on hold! We’ll let you know when it’s ready for you to pick up.51E7nP9Xi-L._SX300_

Have some slightly younger readers? We’ve got lots of new books for them too! We have ordered more of the Pinkalicious books, including leveled readers for those who are just beginning to get the hang of reading. We also have lots more Bad Kitty, Lego Star Wars, and Biscuit the dog. If you are looking for more outrageous tales, try The Day the Crayons Quit or the Book that Eats PeopleCome browse our new selection today!

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Ms. Yolanda Goes Digital

The treasure of Perry Library, known as Ms. Yolanda, was away during Fall Break. This left Perry Library with the dilemma of what to do, what to do. There simply is no replacement for Ms. Yolanda and her storytelling abilities. She sings the best songs, does the best dances, and certainly makes the best sound effects!

So again, what to do? What to do?

Well we are in the 21st century! We need not go without Ms. Yolanda just because she’s not at our physical location at the same time as story time…. No way! That is so 1900s. We shall have the fun and excitement of Ms. Yolanda whether or not she’s available to make a physical appearance!

So we piped in Ms. Yolanda! She’s all there – the songs, the fun, the great books!


But now, she’s on the big screen! Has she gone Hollywood?

No. She’s back today! In the meanwhile, we’ve learned some fun ways for technology to enhance our storytime experience.

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Fall has arrived!

Bring on the cool weather! Bring on the football! Bring on the bar-b-que! Bring on the hunting season! Right now is the perfect time to venture out your doors – whether to explore the forests or sit with nature reading a good book. The Houston County Libraries’ can help you no matter what your needs happen to be.

If you’re a football fanatic that likes to grill out in preparation for the game, stop by and check out our excellent grilling and football books. There are great selections to choose from on the shelves (such as The Top NFL’s Top 100) and many more that can be placed on hold (such as the NFL Gameday Cookbook).

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Of course, if you’re a hunter and you’d rather be hunting the game rather than viewing it- and don’t have your hunting license yet- we also have available for checkout the Today’s Hunter Southeast Region CD. Then again, if you like to spend your time in forests with a more gentle persuasion such as biking or walking, don’t forget public libraries have Georgia Park Passes available for your use.

However, if you’re more like me and just want to pull up a chair (or hammock) and relax outside with a good book, we’ve still got you covered. All three branches of Houston County have been busy ordering new books for your enjoyment. So come and check it out!

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Avast, Pirates on the Horizon!

On September 10, the Centerville Library welcomed in some of the most well-known looters and booty-hunters in our history: pirates! Aaaarrggh!! But these weren’t just normal pirates. Even though they dressed, talked, and hunted like them, they were not your typical pillaging  buccaneers. In fact, they were a great group of enjoyable 3-6 graders who were looking to participate in a fun party!

Suzy "Shiny Buckles" Plank

Suzy “Shiny Buckles” Plank

Davy Jones' Ships

Davy Jones’ Ships

Everyone started out by receiving their unique pirate name. From our group, these included such monikers as Opal “Knee Biter” Grummo and Gloria “Commodore Chops” Grills.Ms. Penny was Suzy “Shiny Buckles” Plank, the Cutlass of Flying Fish Sea! Apparently, she be sharp of wit and sharper with sword (but I made sure we didn’t have a chance for her to test that last one out).

After receiving our pirate names, everyone got to make their own pirate ships with cups and potting soil. Eventually, they will begin to look like Davey Jones’ overgrown sunken sensation since we planted some seeds in the dirt! Finally, everyone got to go pillaging around in the library. This entailed – what else? – a map with a red X on it. Each group got a basic printed diagram of our children’s area with an X. If they were able to follow the map correctly, they found a treasure note. They could then exchange their note for lots of treasures at the children’s desk!

Fun was had by all our young buccaneers on this night, but we don’t want to leave out any older participants. We will have an additional pirate party for our older deckhands (ages 11-17) on September 17. Ms. Penny and I can’t wait to plunder and pillage our way into more fun with our teens. AAarrrgghh!

Our 3-6 grade scallywags

Our 3-6 grade scallywags

Do you have any big plans to commemorate the upcoming Talk Like a Pirate day (Sept. 19)?

The date is almost here! The day we move back home and open the doors to our newly renovated library. Please know that to facilitate this, the temporary location will be closed the at the end of October and the opening date for Nola Brantley is scheduled for November. We are super excited and can’t wait for that time to arrive!

In the mean time, the staff of the Nola Brantley Memorial Library was allowed another walk through our building and to help get our patrons as enthusiastic as we are, here are some pictures of what progress has been made. Remember when all the pictures showed were cement floors and bare walls? Well, take a look now! There are beautiful carpets, colorful walls, and fantastic counters and cabinets that create a most inviting space.

Circulation Desk
Circulation Desk
Children's Area
Children’s Area
Teen Room
Teen Room
Computer Area
Computer Area

Isn’t it GREAT! We cannot wait to get back home again and we hope our patrons are as exuberant about the renovated library as we are.

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